The ‘Pink Desire’ sculpture donated to The Naked Heart Foundation auction during Golden Unicorn Awards Ceremony

On 30th November, Olga Lomaka’s work was featured at the glamorous and star-studded Golden Unicorn Awards ceremony, in aid of supermodel Natalia Vodianova’s charity the Naked Heart Foundation . The specially created and fully donated for the fundraising auction the ‘Pink Desire, Chrome Pink’ art piece from Olga’s new series was sold at £5.000. New series of work in chrome, titled ‘Through Space and Time’, is based on the Pink Panther comics and the 1991 classic film The Terminator 2 — Judgement Day, where a melting chrome cyborg T-1000 is played by Robert Patrick opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Vestalia Chilton, the Exhibitionist Hotel resident curator comments: “Olga continues to explore a multi-layered interface of meaning from the artistic to mass media, to the unexplained and less obvious — a sense of reality verses illusion, what is real and what is not.”

Lomaka’s new series of work in chrome is titled ‘Through Space and Time’, and features a melting chrome collection which disappears into walls. It will be revealed for the first time at Miami Basel in December 2019.

Pop Art Ice Cream Sculpture, Moscream, celebrates Russian Film Week Exhibition: Posters Across Borders

Pop Artist, Olga Lomaka, unveiled her giant ice cream sculpture to kick off Russian Film Week on 25th November at The Exhibitionist Hotel. An accompanying exhibition: “Posters Across Borders” has been organised by Filip Perkon, the Founding Director of Russian Film Week, with the preview party was held on Thursday 28th November and hosted a number of film stars of the industry.


Moscream is a tongue-in-cheek installation that combines the visual imagery of the iconic Russian dome of St Basil Cathedral in Moscow, with Russia’s favourite ice cream, through the language of Pop Art. The 2.5 metre ice cream will be installed above the hotel’s entrance, a stone’s throw away from the V&A, and available for the public to see.

“The scale and kitsch design are a reflection on the mass consumption of our era, whilst the ‘ice cream dome’ acknowledges the symbolism and traditional values of Russian culture and its need to be preserved.” — said Olga Lomaka, chosen artist by Grayson Perry for the 250th year anniversary of RA Summer Exhibition.

Moscream was originally commissioned by the Museum of Moscow to ‘celebrate the city’s spirit and culture’, for the 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia. Since then the sculpture has delighted viewers at this year’s Venice Biennale and is on its way to make its debut in London, to celebrate the 4th annual Russian Film Week Festival, and its accompanying exhibition ‘Posters Across Borders’.

Vestalia Chilton, the Exhibitionist Hotel resident curator comments: “Olga continues to explore a multi-layered interface of meaning from the artistic to mass media, to the unexplained and less obvious — a sense of reality verses illusion, what is real and what is not.”

The exhibition ‘Posters without Borders’, is a rare collection of original British Film Posters of Russian Films, produced and distributed in the UK, from the private collection of Filip Perkon. The show looks at the creative impact and contribution of Russian films on global cinema, and their role in building cross-cultural dialogue and understanding during times of political tension. Some of the best Russian films have been releasedin the UK, and Russian filmmakers have directly influenced global cinema with the Stanislavsky method, and talents like Eistentein, Tarskovsky and Zvyagintsev.


Harbottle & Lewis, a leading UK-based law firm, hosted a number of works of art by established and up-and-coming artists represented by the gallery. Support for small dynamic artist-run galleries is the best way to empower emerging artists and show groundbreaking new works to the international art world. The exhibition is called ‘Level 8’and includes paintings and installation works by an international selection of artists: Olga Lomaka (Russia), Albeiro Rojas Tomedes (Colombia), Marine Engibaryan (Armenia), Khadija Choudhury (United Kingdom), and Noro (South Korea). Seven art works by Olga Lomaka were featured the show: 4 large installations from ‘Pink Magic’ series and 3 limited edition prints from her new series.


On 27 November, the special atmosphere of the opening night was sustained by Hugo Woddis, famous British DJ and star male model. Accompanied by the numbers from his musical set, the guests contemplated conceptual works of the artists, whilst sipping costly vintage champagne. Amongst guests were illustrious cultural figures, art critics, as well as collectors and businessmen.

The exhibition will be held from 27 November 2019 till 27 February 2020, 10.00am — 6.00pm.

Drinks and Artist Signing with Olga Lomaka + Jealous Print Studio @ London Design Festival

On 19 September, Director of Kensington + Chelsea art Week, also the Resident Curator at The Exhibitionist Hotel Vestalia Chilton and artist Olga Lomaka gave a brief insight to how artists innovate through experimentation. Guests enjoyed a glass of ’pink’ while perusing the ’Pink Magic’ exhibition and ‘Art Corridors’ in this unusual setting.


On 19 September, Director of Kensington + Chelsea art Week, also the Resident Curator at The Exhibitionist Hotel Vestalia Chilton and artist Olga Lomaka gave a brief insight to how artists innovate through experimentation. Guests enjoyed a glass of ’pink’ while perusing the ’Pink Magic’ exhibition and ‘Art Corridors’ in this unusual setting. Each corridor has been created by four different artists and the designs change every 6 months to 2 years. At the event, Olga Lomaka was signing her new series"Pink Magic" prints. It’s artist’s first limited edition print series ‘Pink Magic’ produced by Jealous Studios London and now is available for sale at Jealous Gallery website.

Jealous is a Contemporary Screenprint Studio, Gallery and Publisher based in Crouch End and East London’s creative hub of Shoreditch. Established in 2008, Jealous are known for our collaborative approach to producing high quality limited edition prints with many illustrators, graduates and established artists.


On 29th July, visual artist Olga Lomaka lit up the iconic Innova development in Croydon at the White Party, in homage to Jeff Koon’s 1988 Pink Panther. The film was visible from all the streets surrounding the building.


Using humour and colourful montage, the artist also hinted at some other notable stars — Fontana, Magritte and Warhol. Playful three-dimensional Pink Panther sculptures were showcased in the member’s lounge as part of ‘Pink Magic’, selected by Grayson Perry for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, which is running until the end of August 2019. Olga Lomaka is also currently exhibiting in Venice as part of this year’s Venice Biennale.

Innova is defying conventional ideas and pioneering urban living and plans to deliver entertainment, artistic and networking events. The White Party featured a one-off live performance from the legendary Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Melle Mel & SCORPIO FURIOUS 5.

Conversation: Olga Lomaka + Pandemonia

In June 30, Olga Lomaka was doing a talk with artist, Pandenomia, in conversation with famous Robin Osmani as part of Kensington & Chelsea Art Week at the Exhibitionist Hotel, London.

In June 30, Olga Lomaka was doing a talk with artist, Pandenomia, in conversation with famous Robin Osmani as part of Kensington & Chelsea Art Week at the Exhibitionist Hotel, London. Pandemonia was created mid 2000s by an anonymous London artist, Pandemonia is a multi-media conceptual Art project centered around a female motif constructed from symbols and archetypes. Pandemonia is a vessel for the artist to travel through society, and pass through the media eye into the intersubjective world of myth and brand. Olga Lomaka and Pandemonia discussed how to extend the image beyond the canvas blurring the borders of artistic identity, connection between art and fashion, and talked about their sources of inspiration.


On 21st May 2019, artist Olga Lomaka launched of her first limited edition print series ‘Pink Magic’ produced by Jealous London. The ‘Pink Magic’ print series will be launched with a two-month exhibition and a corridor installation at The Exhibitionist Hotel in London.

On 21st May 2019, artist Olga Lomaka launched of her first limited edition print series ‘Pink Magic’ produced by Jealous London. The ‘Pink Magic’ print series will be launched with a two-month exhibition and a corridor installation at The Exhibitionist Hotel in London. The exhibition is open to the public from May 22st — July 22nd, 2019. The exhibition was curated by Vestalia Chilton and features six of the "Pink Magic limited edition print run of fifty displayed alongside five of the original thirteen relief sculptures, while the corridor installation situated on the second floor of the hotel provides the artist with another opportunity to manifest what is at the heart of this compelling series, the interplay between masculine and feminine.

WHAT WE EAT AND WEAR: An International Exhibition at the CICA Museum

This June, the exhibition “What We Eat and Wear” was held in CICA Museum in Seoul, Korea. Two of Olga Lomaka’s art works were featured at the exhibition that was showcasing art dealing with food, culture, fashion, consumer culture, and life styles. Holly Bible installation and Chelsea Girl painting contain the iconic attributes of the lifestyle of a contemporary woman today.

This June, the exhibition “What We Eat and Wear” was held in CICA Museum in Seoul, Korea. Two of Olga Lomaka’s art works were featured at the exhibition that was showcasing art dealing with food, culture, fashion, consumer culture, and life styles. Holly Bible installation and Chelsea Girl painting contain the iconic attributes of the lifestyle of a contemporary woman today. Lomaka tries to replace the outworn canons in the same void space explicitly suggesting to the audience that it is all they ever need.


Olga Lomaka’s painting “Three Moons” was featured in Mantova Contemporary Art Biennial 2019 in the historical Fracesco Gonzaga Museum, Italy. Mantova Contemporary Art Biennial celebrated the work of the most valid contemporary artists all over the world and was curated by Sandro Serradifalco, Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo.

Olga Lomaka’s painting “Three Moons” was featured in Mantova Contemporary Art Biennial 2019 in the historical Fracesco Gonzaga Museum, Italy. Mantova Contemporary Art Biennial celebrated the work of the most valid contemporary artists all over the world and was curated by Sandro Serradifalco, Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo.


Olga Lomaka’s sculpture “Infinity” features in this year’s prestigious Venice Biennale 2019, the sculpture is included in the European Cultural Centre’s exhibition which runs from May 11th — November 24th 2019. In the context of the 58th International Art Exhibition (La Biennale di Venezia) the ECC-Italy presents the exhibition, titled “PERSONAL STRUCTURES”, that is hosted in the center of Venice — Palazzo Bembo.


Olga Lomaka’s sculpture “Infinity” features in this year’s prestigious Venice Biennale 2019, the sculpture is included in the European Cultural Centre’s exhibition which runs from May 11th — November 24th 2019. In the context of the 58th International Art Exhibition (La Biennale di Venezia) the ECC-Italy presents the exhibition, titled “PERSONAL STRUCTURES”, that is hosted in the center of Venice — Palazzo Bembo.

“PERSONAL STRUCTURES” highlights a general approach to making art and a view of art’s social function as embracing both pleasure and critical thinking. The exhibition focuses on the work of artists who challenge existing habits of thought and open up our readings of objects and images, gestures and situations. Visually, the artworks may appear very different, but all artists present their own subjective, personal expression of their reflection on the concepts Time, Space and Existence.


Olga Lomaka’s sculpture “Moscream” features in this year’s prestigious Venice Biennale 2019, the sculpture is included in the European Cultural Centre’s exhibition which runs from May 11th — November 24th 2019. In the context of the 58th International Art Exhibition (La Biennale di Venezia) the ECC-Italy presents the exhibition, titled “PERSONAL STRUCTURES”, that is hosted in famous Giardini Marinaressa.


Olga Lomaka’s sculpture “Moscream” features in this year’s prestigious Venice Biennale 2019, the sculpture is included in the European Cultural Centre’s exhibition which runs from May 11th — November 24th 2019. In the context of the 58th International Art Exhibition (La Biennale di Venezia) the ECC-Italy presents the exhibition, titled “PERSONAL STRUCTURES”, that is hosted in famous Giardini Marinaressa.

“PERSONAL STRUCTURES” highlights a general approach to making art and a view of art’s social function as embracing both pleasure and critical thinking. The exhibition focuses on the work of artists who challenge existing habits of thought and open up our readings of objects and images, gestures and situations. Visually, the artworks may appear very different, but all artists present their own subjective, personal expression of their reflection on the concepts Time, Space and Existence


This summer visitors of Moscow State University’s Botanic Garden can enjoy the really hot weather, a variety of flora and a rich cultural program. Organic addition to the flora became the selected works of contemporary artists integrated into different corners of the Apothecary Garden.


This summer visitors of Moscow State University’s Botanic Garden can enjoy the really hot weather, a variety of flora and a rich cultural program. Organic addition to the flora became the selected works of contemporary artists integrated into different corners of the Apothecary Garden. Sculpture #MOSCREAM is located next to the main greenhouse and a garden of medicinal herbs, as the best and most delicious medicine for the heat, so loved by Moscvites and tourists. The artwork continues it’s tour through the best Moscow’s cultural places starting from the Museum of Moscow to make happy all visitors.

Sculpture «MOSCREAM» in the Museum of Moscow

“City of Football” located in the Museum of Moscow, which during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia hosts thousands of fans and citizens, was supplemented by the sculptural installation of Olga Lomaka.


“City of Football” located in the Museum of Moscow, which during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia hosts thousands of fans and citizens, was supplemented by the sculptural installation of Olga Lomaka.

Sculpture titled “MOSCREAM” was created in the form of a favourite by the Muscovites an ice cream cone. Next to the Adidas CREATORS BASE, where football is played and football matches broadcast, “MOSCREAM” will cool the fans’ hot heads and tourists spending this hot football summer in Russian capital.

In this work, Olga Lomaka mixes the image of the “onion” dome, traditional for Russian architecture, with a modern type of ice cream cup. This visual connection between the shape of the dome of the most recognizable temple in Moscow — the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed — and the main summer treat through the prism of pop art symbolizes the true values ​​of society, the spiritual culture that needs to be preserved and protected, despite the trends of the consumption era. The artist emphasizes that even in the most everyday and ordinary subjects, everyone sees, first of all, what he or she wants to see.

For the first time Pop art work of Olga Lomaka adorned the Museum of Moscow, which is one of the most visited in the Russian capital. And it is the “MOSCREAM” sculpture, as a kind of landmark signature, which unites all the most interesting and tasty things that are in Moscow. And during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, the sculpture became the embodiment of a dream, crossing the verge of reality into the surreal world of MOSDREAM, presented by this sporting holiday to all residents and guests of the city.

The sculpture will be exhibited in the courtyard of the Museum of Moscow until July 15.

Address: 2 bld. Zubovskiy boulevard, Moscow

The Royal Academy of Arts focuses on infinity

This year the largest open-submission show of contemporary art in United Kingdom, held at the Royal Academy of Arts, celebrates its 250th anniversary. Such spectacular event has not happened without surprises. Grayson Perry, an eccentric and witty British artist, besides his pottery works known for his love of cross-dressing and outrageous appearances, is responsible for co-ordinating the Summer Exhibition.


This year the largest open-submission show of contemporary art in United Kingdom, held at the Royal Academy of Arts, celebrates its 250th anniversary. Such spectacular event has not happened without surprises. Grayson Perry, an eccentric and witty British artist, besides his pottery works known for his love of cross-dressing and outrageous appearances, is responsible for co-ordinating the Summer Exhibition. His wide view of contemporary art and all its’ insights is reflected in the selection of works by other artists, already making this year’s show the most colourful and memorable. And now all the visitors of the exhibition can enjoy the bright colours of both the halls themselves and the extraordinariness of the works presented, among which the installation “Infinity” by Olga Lomaka stands out. The artwork was already exhibited in Moscow and London as part of the tour of the solo exhibition “Pink Magic” in 2018. Located in the Yellow Room, the work merges with the space of the hall, further emphasizing the visual game of flatness. And the theme of the fusion of the male and female principles and their constant relationships goes through the prism of the whole event, especially underlined by the curator himself. The exhibition runs from June 12 to August 19, 2018 at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

“Artefacts” at the Biennale of Nations in Venice

Exhibition of contemporary art “Biennale of Nations 2018” was held from 16 to 19 March in the walls of the ancient palace Scuola della Misericordia located on the banks of one of the numerous canals of Venice.

Exhibition of contemporary art “Biennale of Nations 2018” was held from 16 to 19 March in the walls of the ancient palace Scuola della Misericordia located on the banks of one of the numerous canals of Venice.

Many frescos decorating the walls of the inner hall of the building were created for several centuries, but were partially destroyed during the world wars. The organizers tried to connect the architectural value and significance of preserving historical monuments all over the world with the future development of contemporary art, presenting the works of artists in the main hall along a great colonnade.

The work “Candy man” from the “Artefacts” project perfectly reflects the idea to unite different cultures and epochs, laid by the curators of the Biennale of Nations. Lomaka shows the imperishable values ​​of humanity in the image of the Buddha, to which, as they can, superimposed the new idols of generation X — a life-affirming Smile and candy. The symbiosis and harmonious development of different cultures together, respect for the past and a bright outlook for the future — these ideas, woven into the concept of “Artefacts”, were appreciated by an authoritative jury (Luca Beatrice, Angelo Crespi, Sandro Serradifalco and Salvatore Russo). The awarding ceremony of the laureates of the prize dedicated to Tiziano’s artistic talent where Olga Lomaka won the prize in the “Sculpture” nominee went to the accompaniment of the Venice Chamber Orchestra on 18 May.


On 7 March, the “Pink Magic” exhibition opened at the Hellenic Centre. Olga Lomaka with support of the FashionPRBuro Communications Agency brought the exposition to London.


The new Pop Art project develops a theme of modern relations between the sexes. Thanks to the combination of sculpture and installation it was possible to achieve the effect of three-dimensional space, that became a traditional element in the artist’s work.

From the almond-shaped hole, symbolizing sexuality and femininity, the popular cartoon’s character “The Pink Panther” appears. This tandem and the development of actions between the characters were appreciated by the guests of the opening, who explored with enthusiasm all the phases of relationship presented by Olga Lomaka.

The background of passing exhibition in Moscow was black, and in the Hellenic Centre of the British capital the exposition was set on the walls of a noble light shade. That evening a lot of representatives of the London business and cultural elite, gallery owners and many other famous persons and contemporary art admirers visited the exhibition and support the artist.

Discover the main heroes of Olga’s works more was available after watching an exclusive animation video about the creation of the project with the artist’s participation. The fairy atmosphere of the “Pink Magic” exhibition was accompanied by DJ-set of Hugo Woddis and was captured on bright photos and videos instantly spreading through the Instagram social network in profiles of star guests.

Olga Lomaka, the author of the series of works, joined the guests in their photoshooting against the background of her installations. The artist made a choice in favor of harmonical consonance of her outfit with the colour range of the exposition, giving preference to the charming pink overall by Oscar de la Renta brand.

The famous model and actress Anna Andres visited the exhibition for magical inspiration and a mass of positive emotions. Olga personally told her about its concept and devoted to the details of the project.

Private view was also attended by curator and art critic Sasha Burkhanova and Sulkhan Khabadze, sculptor of the royal family Francis Siegelman, maecenas David Gigauri, publisher Svetlana Zakharova, journalist Anna Nasobina, star photographer and journalist Joe Alvarez, Dmitry Chograshi, fashion designers Augusta and Christina Pokrovsky (fashion brand Tess van Ghert) and Anastasia Rodionova, fashion blogger Alia Rosa, british actors and models Tayo Oyekoya, Malcolm Model, Olivia Arben and many others.


On 5 February, VS unio gallery supporting by FashionPRBuro communications agency presented the exhibition “Pink Magic” of the Russian-British artist Olga Lomaka.


Series of works „Pink Magic” contains elements of installation and sculpture. The body of work is based on the interplay of three-dimensional space and the illusion of flatness created through a design with almond-shaped hole in their midst, and it is not just a hole and some kind of a gateway, a window to another dimension. It is never just a conventional cut on the canvas, but a symbol of sexuality and femininity. The second element of the project is the male character from the popular film series known as the Pink Panther. He emerges in front of the audience through the opening in the construction, above it or even from behind. His colourful sculpture embodies the better known to the viewer image of the cartoon character.

Due to the black background of the gallery space the colour contrast is emphasized, in some way it provides the meaning of the art concept and focuses the guests attention on most important details. The installation „Infinity” was of particular interest for the audience and art critics. It stands out among other works, being displayed above, or beyond them as the quintessence of life, the interdependence of male and female, and most importantly — as the magic of life in a continuity of existence — it is precisely at this point that Olga Lomaka reveals her author’s intent.

That evening a lot of culture and business representatives, gallerists and other celebrities came to see a new Pop Art project devoted to expanse and existential problems exploration. Some guests completely immersed in the idea, trying to explain the meaning of each art object, others simply enjoyed the atmosphere of the exhibition with DJ-set of Efim Ginzburg, Moёt & Chandon champagne and light Russian Caviar snacks.

The boldest guests made photos with the Pink Panther: Konstantin Andricopulos appreciated each of the colour decision, keeping a company, with the main hero of the exhibition, Darya Mikhalkova made some series of selfie with a bright and positive creation named „Yellow Curiosity”, and Polina Askeri filled in harmony the vacant place in Olga’s work „Void 2”.

The leading artist of the evening — Olga Lomaka — was happy to share her impressions about creating the project. Wearing a blouse of sapphire colour by Balenciaga, the artist emphasized her commitment to the symbolism of „Pink Magic”: her outfit was playfully conjoining the colour range of the exposition. „In this project, I combined the installation and sculpture, making the flatness really three-dimensional. I hope I succeeded. ” The process of creation from idea to realization was presented in an interactive form with the creative Pop Art approach: an exclusive video about the project with the artist’s participation was shown for the first time. The guests were inspired and made selfies against the main characters of the „Pink Magic” exhibition.

Moscow friends and admirers of Olga Lomaka’s art came to support the artist. Among them were Konstantin Andrikopulos, Irina Chaikovskaya, Polina Askeri, Artem and Julia Akimov, Daria Mikhalkova, Alexander Siradekian, Izeta Gadzhieva, Ester Abner, Oleg Tarnopolskiy and others.

The exhibition runs till 10 February.

The adress of VS unio gallery: Business quarter „ARMA”, Nizhny Susalny per., 5, p. 5A, —1 floor.

Second International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci «The Universal Artist»

Olga Lomaka became a laureate of the “Universal artist” prize, held on January 20 in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance.


The magnificent Palazzo of the Borghese family turned into the main stage of the award ceremony to celebrate the merits of artists, sculptors and photographers in their development of contemporary art. Among special characteristics the curators and organizers chose the openness to use different techniques and materials in artists’ work, as well as the courage and ambitiousness of creative ideas. Leonardo da Vinci himself used such value characteristics in his works, inspiring to this day with his grandeur and genius pieces, both embodied and remaining only in sketches ahead of their time.

The most significant work “Infinity” from the new series of installations “Pink Magic” was nominated for a prize and received a positive response from the jury. In “Pink Magic” Lomaka comes out of the two-dimensional flatness of the work thanks to the placement of the sculpture in canvas-covered special constructions with slits, creating an additional effect of volume perception.


One of the key events for the European art community, the international contemporary art exhibition Mantova Biennale, was held from 4 to 10 November 2017 in Mantua, Italy. The Francesco Gonzaga Museum opened its doors to artists’ works all over the world.


The solemn awards presentation of the prestigious Andrea Mantegna Prize, one of the Italian Renaissance classics and famous master of the ХV century, was passed within the official opening of the Biennale in the state Teatro Sociale di Mantova. Mantegna’s art style is considered as unique and his works are carefully preserved in such selected museum’s collections as the Uffizi Gallery, the Louvre, the National London Gallery, etc. The curators, art-expert Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo, noted Olga Lomaka and others laureates of the prize with personal diplomas. Her work „Illum” from the series „The Mind Parasites” attracted the museum’s visitors with its unusual emotional impulse and a memorable colour solution.

Florence Biennale 2017

In October, The International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence — one of the most important international exhibitions of contemporary art — was held. Аll art lovers eagerly awaited this event to see more than 450 best artists from 70 countries sharing their unique cultural achievements and experience.


From October 5 to 15, about 1300 works were presented to visitors and the jury at this prestigious stage of contemporary art.

Olga Lomaka was the one of the participants of the Florence Biennale 2017 exposition. Her works made an impression and became a worthy part of the exhibition. The artist presented wooden sculptures Superbuddha, Fashion Guru and Miss Universe from the series “Artefacts”, which perfectly reflect the theme of the 11th Biennial — “Earth. Creativity & Sustainability”. Here, the image of the Buddha as a symbol of harmony and balance of the Universe, under the influence of the consumption culture loses its former importance and adopts new unexpected meanings. Simplicity of a form along with the deep content of the works of the project “Artefacts” attracted the audience’s attention.

The awards ceremony of the 12 laureates by “Lorenzo il Magnifico” prize became a final act of the Biennale. In the nomination “Painting” the first prize was given to the works of Zhang Chun Hua (China), in the nomination “Digital art” — Miriam Durango (Spain), “Performance” — Giovanni Vetere (Italy), “Installation” — Tim Guider (Australia), “Photography” — Lisette Solorzano (Cuba).

Olga Lomaka is among the finalist of the Milan International Art Award

The ceremony of the first edition of the Milan International Art Award in contemporary art, Premio Arte Milano, curated by Sandro Serradifalco was held in the prestigious Dal Verme Theater on July 25. The prize has the purpose to promote and to sustain the contemporary art. The critic committee composed by Professor of Arts Vittorio Sgarbi selected the winners.


Olga Lomaka took the deserved prize-winning place for the project “The Mind Parasites” in Painting category. A series of twelve paintings found its viewer and received the love of a wide audience after several personal and group exhibitions in Russia and Europe. The critic committee thanked the artist for her contribution to the development of contemporary art and noted the project as a fundamentally new view of social problems facing society and the individual.

The prize attracted attention of professional community and art lovers. Among guests were musician and film director David Guido Pietroni, journalist Marco Travaglio, as well as well-known Italian actor and musician Moni Ovadia.

«Illuminati» is in Pierre Cardin's collection

Pierre Cardin opened the doors of the Marquis de Sade castle for the annual Festival d’Arts in Lacoste. Since 2001 this event, created to promote art and engage a wider audience, as well as strengthen the cultural dialogue between France and other countries, has become one of the most anticipated in Western Europe.


From July 21 to 23, a special exhibition devoted to contemporary Russian art was held within the framework of the festival. Olga Lomaka presented her works from the series “The Mind Parasites” at the exposition. Paintings “Illum” and “Illuminati” draw attention of visitors of the castle. The well-known couturier and philanthropist Pierre Cardin personally awarded Olga with the certificate of the participant, highlighting the critical-exploring view of the artist on social problems.

One of the landmark painting of the project “Illuminati” at the request of Mr. Cardin was solemnly transferred to his famous private collection of works of art.

Artist Olga Lomaka launches a contemporary art gallery in the heart of London

On the 26th of April, artist and collector Olga Lomaka opened a new modern art space, LOMAKA GALLERY, in London. On the opening night the gallery presented a selection of artworks by established and talented emerging artists from around the world. Amongst guests were illustrious cultural figures, art critics as well as collectors and businessmen. The event was organised with the communication agency FashionPRBuro and supported by TV channel FashionTV.


The opening night attracted the Capital’s most stylish set: rising British TV star Malcolm Modele, popular fashion TV host Prince Cassius, model Olivia Arben as well as creative duo Joe Wolfe and Johan Labassa. In addition to this influential line up were designers Joshua Kane and Maria Zherebtsova.

Several curators and renowned collectors were spotted at the event such as gallerist Benjamin Fry, art expert Ariane Belisle, art patron David Gigauri, journalist Sasha Burkhanova, Margarita and Alyona Prykhodko of Sybarite Jewellery. Verna Taylor-Barker and Svetlana Zakharova also came to congratulate Olga Lomaka on the debut of her contemporary art gallery.

The unique exposition of Lomaka Gallery comprises works of Columbian artist Albeiro Tomedes, Swiss artist TP Hardisty, and the artistic Russian duo Tvorogov Borthers. Art admirers were also treated to a video performance of extravagant French actress Olya Mareva. To top it all off was special invitation by gallery founder for all artists to attend the party, present their works whilst enjoying sparkling wine and a DJ set.

Gallery director Olga Lomaka is truly passionate about supporting artists purely based on their talent and ability. Lomaka Gallery collaborates with some of the most distinctive and innovative artists working today. Tomedes’ work is influenced by the impact of development on the natural environment and local Amazonian culture. The de-construction of many of Tomedes’ paintings echoes the destructive forces impacting upon the Amazon. Hardisty utilises everyday simple objects such as plastic toy ducks, vehicle selectors to colourful pencils as an opening to his art world. The simplicity of objects that Hardisty uses invites observers to make multiple glances before hidden meanings are revealed. There are elements of his work that tease viewers, as they remain hidden during the consecutive observations. Tvorogov Brothers invite viewers to interact with their work by first looking within themselves at their own propensity for creating meaning towards things. The artists’ fixation on the connection between anthropomorphisms and psychic energy is apparent within this body of work. And as a highlight for the show, Olya Mareva’s performance was a chance for viewers to hear poetry about a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere.

Set in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia, Lomaka Gallery is a new contemporary art space. Operating outside conventional practice and the contemporary art system, Lomaka Gallery welcomes a broad audience to an extensive exhibition programme, supporting work of a group of artists who collectively defy categorisation.

The exhibition will be held from 26 till 30 April, 11.00am — 6.00pm.

Address: 46 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 7PZ.

Artist Olga Lomaka launches a new contemporary art gallery in London

On 25 April 2017 LOMAKA GALLERY, a new contemporary art space, opens its doors in the heart of London and presents selected art works of talented artists from all over the world.


Founded by artist Olga Lomaka, the gallery collaborates with some of the most distinctive and innovative artists working today. Operating outside conventional practice and the contemporary art system, Lomaka Gallery welcomes a broad audience to an extensive exhibition programme, supporting work of a group of artists who collectively defy categorisation.

The debut exhibition presents works of emerging international artists: Tomedes (Colombia), TP Hardisty (Switzerland), Tvorogov Brothers (Russia) and Olya Mareva (France).

The exhibition will be held from 26 till 30 April, 11.00am — 6.00pm.

Address: 46 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 7PZ.

Phillips hosted VV Magazine Award ceremony for best representatives of the cultural environment

Recently, the annual VV Magazine Award ceremony was held in London. Famous representatives of the creative and business society gathered together to remark achievements and merits in the sphere of modern art, culture and design in the Phillips auction house.


Olga Lomaka was declared a winner of the Best Modern Artist prize. Her Artefacts project, which was first exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery in 2016, where it got the lively attention of visitors and the media, the hosts noted as the most iconic and memorable event of the year. Antony Fosset, prominent art critic and master of the ceremony, expressed gratitude to the artist for her contribution to the development of new techniques and art movements, which had succeeded in revealing the completely polarized traits of social phenomena and human prejudices.

Another well-deserved prize was awarded to Svetlana Marich, deputy chair and co-director of the Department of Modern Art in Phillips. Her professionalism and contribution to the development of the art market in Russia, as well as support for the leading position of the auction house, were deeply and fairly appreciated by the hosts.

The event attracted many modern art enthusiasts, representatives of business elite and friends of Phillips. That night, the auction house was attended by Mikhail Fridman, Vsevolod Kopjev and Svetlana Zakharova, Gabriella Windsor, director of the Damiani jewelry boutique, Jonathan Kondrup, Paddy Lowe, director of the Mercedes Formula One team, with his spouse Anna Danshina, businessman and cArtvelli ambassador David Gigauri, and Morgan Oliver, marketing director for Jaeger Le Coultre.

Olga Lomaka presented her works in Monaco

The Art Monaco 2016 Contemporary Art Fair brought together artists and art enthusiasts from around the world. Traditionally, the end of season is marked by vibrant events in Monte Carlo’s cultural life.


What makes it even more impressive is that the Côte d’Azur has always had a pulling power for outstanding talent. This year Olga’s artwork from the Artefacts series was exhibited in a separate branded corner where the Olga Lomaka Studio was presented on a par with contemporary art galleries.

Four distinctly different works — “LEX”, “Follow Me”, “Genie in the Can”, and “Just Pop” — became the centre of art critics and experts’ attention and were awarded the prestigious “Le Prix d’excellence Pensé Écologique” award as part of the Excellence Awards for promoting an environmental theme and focus on environmentally friendly use of resources. The art pieces made from wood do not only pay tribute to ancient traditions of arts and crafts but also remind us of the importance of thinking of our future and caring for nature.

The extensive program of the Art Fair as well as the interest shown by members of the Principality of Monaco’s elite and European art experts and critics mark this event as a key one in a series of group exhibitions on the French Riviera.

Artefacts conquer the artisian heart of London

On October 12, within the framework of the Frieze 2016 art fair, the exhibition of contemporary artist Olga Lomaka, the Artefacts, launched in London at Saatchi Gallery with the support of FineArt Foundation.


The media partners for the private view of the exhibition were FashionTV and VV Magazine. Among those attending the opening were major art leaders of the British and Russian art scene, amongst them the art critics and collectors, members of business and fashion-industry circles. The event was planned and organized by FashionPRBuro Communication Agency.

On the day of the event one could spot on the red carpet such pool of international celebrities, as a popular model and shoe designer Karen El-Khazen, the famous British TV presenter and fashion-blogger Prince Cassius, Alena Prikhodko, the creative director of the jewellery house Sybarite, designers Tamara and Natasha Surguladze (brand Tata Naka) Dasha, Julia and Elena Pashevkin (brand Pa5h and the Box boutique), chief editor of the Ikon magazine Joe Alvarez, Augusta Tess Van Ghert — the founder of the fashion house Tess Van Ghert and its director Christina Pokrovskaya, Clarice Santamarina of Ralph Lauren, the internationally acclaimed fashion photographer of the European fashion media Olivier Rieu and his companion for the evening Morgan Olivier of Jaeger le Coultre.

Despite the rainy weather, guests kept on arriving in succession. Among them were the British actor and model Tayo Oyekoya, German musician and DJ Thorben Seeger, producer Justin Parker, known for his collaboration with Lana del Rey; Coco Hamilton, popular blogger amongst the golden youth crowd, and the rising star of the British pop music industry Meilyr Jones.

To give her support and to congratulate Olga on the long-awaited London exhibition, came to her old friend, the famous British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The pop-diva was specially impressed by the carved relief the Fine Gold, with the image of Buddha wholly covered with glittering gold and bearing a stamp 999 in its midst.

Curators, art experts, art-dealers and gallerists like Fiona Davidoff, Irina Porritt, Eliza Dadiani, Irina Turkan (founder of, Sulkhan Habadze and Sasha Burkhanova (Garage), Natalia Riurikova, Evgeny Sinelnikov, Michael Henderson, dancer Margarita Zafrilla and a notable representative of the Latin American artistic community, Pato Bosich attended the show, commented on the contemporary aesthetic and cultural diffusion visible in the artist’s work.

However, the highlight of the show, capturing the attention of viewers, collectors and art critics alike, was the relief dubbed Royal Guru, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Queen Elizabeth II and a specially created for the London exhibition by Olga Lomaka. Just with a number of instantly recognisable elements and details the artist highlighted the symbolic status of the royal person, which has become a worldwide style icon and a symbol of aristocratic British values around the world.

The special atmosphere of the evening was sustained by Hugo Woddis, famous British DJ and star male model. Accompanied by the numbers from his musical set, the guests contemplated conceptual works of the artist, whilst sipping costly vintage champagne provided by the exclusive official sponsor of the Saatchi gallery.

The exhibition in London was part of the project’s world tour. Selected works from the series Artefacts will be exhibited at Art Monaco 2016 in late October. Moreover, such works as the Fashion Guru, Super Buddha and Miss Universe will be represented by the artist at the International Biennial of contemporary art in Florence in 2017.

ARTEFACTS exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, London

Fine Art Foundation is delighted to announce the opening of THE ARTEFACTS — a solo show by the Russian London-based artist Olga Lomaka, which is to take place on October at Saatchi Gallery with media support of FashionTV and VV Magazine.


“Artefacts are a collision, a clash of traditional spiritual values, as embodied by the Buddha, with new trends popular among the young people, brought about by new information technologies and consumerism. The project is ambiguous: I do not expect the viewer to make a choice, or to draw any dichotomies between cultures and notions. The abstract image of the Buddha, representative of the Orient, is juxtaposed with the advancements of the Western civilisation geared towards the selfish gratification and exploitation of its resources. I believe that only a harmonious balancing of these two attitudes can propel us out of the existing ‘confrontation’ between them: the wisdom of traditional past will help us advance on the path of our spiritual evolution”, — maintains Olga Lomaka.

Fashion Guru offers an insight into the industry, demonstrating how saints became ousted by fashion idols who had mutated into new powerful “Gods” to their admirers and clients. Luxurious life and possession of coveted rare objects appear to be end in itself, justifying the means. Wealthy members of the elite believe to be above the law, whereas the law should be impartial and unbiased. Here is the true value — the Lex (also translated as “the law” from Latin).

Especially for London exhibition the artist created a Royal Guru — the work to honour Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th Anniversary.

Marathon Arts in Romanov Dvor

IZO Art Gallery which is situated in the very heart of the capital's business life — the

Romanov Dvor quarter — is hosting an annual Art Marathon, now joined by Olga Lomaka.


The exhibition features two of her signature works from the Mind Parasites series. Modern art followers have a great opportunity to see new tendencies in surrealism and pop art and to immerse into the ’psychological thicket’ created by the artist in her Illum (2013) and Illuminati (2014) works and to face their own stereotypes that navigate freely in our consciousness.

This group exhibition at the International Business Centre allows business elite to appreciate the artwork of Russian painters of different art styles daily. Olga Lomaka’s works created some additional reality by diluting the usual interior of a business centre with an impassable thicket of human thoughts and stereotypes. Should you wish to retire for reflection upon yourself and dialog with that inner entity, or to try to understand the true reason and possibilities of your mind in this life, please call at 4 Romanov Pereulok, building 2.

Hurry, the exhibition runs from 7th till 14th July.

Free admission.

Olga Lomaka's Artefacts at the XX International exhibition of the Russian Art Week in the Central House of Artists

The International art fair and competition of contemporary art, Russian Art Week, that recently opened at the Central House of Artists shows yet again the vast number of talents who prove the uniting power of art.


The great importance of this event is clear to every exhibitor regardless their country of origin or level of acceptance. This international forum greatly enriches the development of art and reminds us of the main, common reason of artists’ dedication to it.

The search for new artistic names at the Russian Art Week covers 20 countries and nearly every region of Russia. The organizers have invited highly respected judges from all over the world to evaluate the exhibited works in several media: painting, graphics, sculpture, photography and design. The unusual sculptural works from the Artefacts added a specific meaning to the exhibition’s profile — NextArt- without distorting its concept. Through the prism of history the future contracts precise outlines.

Under the patronage of the Moscow Government and the Art Management section of the Artists Union of Russia this platform unites both professionals and aficionados of the art world — not only famous masters but emerging artists and those who have just started their career in art.

Visitors of the exhibition are invited to appreciate not only the aesthetic aspect of art, but inundate in its theoretical element. An intensive program of master classes, lectures and meetings with artists provided every visitor with a possibility to widen their horizons with knowledge of the art world’s secrets of the trade.


Olga Lomaka’s ‘Artefacts’ series artwork featuring 28 young artists’ works were presented at the new gallery this april. The ART.WHO.ART. group exhibition promotes an association of emerging independent artists who work in various medium and the modernised image of Buddha has found its niche in contemporary art lovers’ mind and heart.


Provocative symbols of the new culture and information consumer society encoded in glowing icons of easily recognizable brands and logos, idols of the fashion industry; fictional characters of the Western society; new attributes of beauty; and the inalienable symbols of social networks, which affect all areas of modern life throughout are understandable and natural for the younger generation.

The ART.WHO.ART. contemporary art festival held annually brings together new artistic talent, art experts and critics, art gallerists, and representatives of other professional art spheres. The exhibition spanned the major interests of visual arts amateurs: painting, sculpture, photography, and installation. This year the organisers instilled intrigue by incorporating interactive audio-visual installations and series of performance events into the main programme. The informative part was dedicated to art education and featured talks by leading representatives of the art industry.

The task of maintaining the atmosphere of freedom and creative self-expression was assigned to such distinctive Russian indie rock bands as Tesla Boy, ½ Orchestra, Natural Sequence, Inwires, Sea Radio, and Cricket Captains.

Moscow high society attends Olga Lomaka’s “Artefacts” exhibition

On 18 February, the splendid Spiridonov Mansion was transformed into a fashionable conceptual art space specially for the opening night show of Olga Lomaka’s new project “Artefacts”. The event was supported by Harper’s Bazaar Art magazine and presented by 25Kadr Gallery.


Many celebrities, art critics, and private collectors came to congratulate Olga, among them curator and art expert Vasili Tsereteli, Alexander Udin, Stuart Lawson, Maraianna Maksimovskaya, artists Andrei Bartenev, and Sasha Frolova, fashion-expert Oleg Tarnopolskiy, editor Anna Russka, Ekaterina Liepa, actress Ingrid Olerinskaya, Maria Shumakova, Ksenia Knyazeva, Daria Avratinskaya and Natalia Bychkova; Adelina, Constantin Andricopulos (Bosco di Ciliegi) and Olga Tsypkina, editor Laura Dzhugelia, Olga Novozhilova, Alexandra Mikhalkova, TV host Artem Korolev, stylist Aleksander Rogov, Milana Koroleva, Daria Mikhalkova, Vitalij Kozak, designers Constantin Gayday and Aleksander Siradekian.

The cultural elite and Moscow high society explored the exhibits on display to the accompaniment of Alexandra Federova’s DJ set, enjoying the contrasting atmosphere of pop art and classical Russian architecture. During the opening night Olga’s artworks were appraised by art experts and critics, curators and art gallery owners, and Philips auction house representatives.


25Kadr Gallery with support from Harper’s Bazaar Art magazine presents ‘Artefacts’, a solo exhibition of the Russian-British artist Olga Lomaka. The event is organised by the FashionPRBuro communications agency. A private view will be held at the Spiridonov House on 18 February where an exposition of wooden sculptures and aerography reflecting the new line in the artist’s creative activity will be displayed. Such a radical change in technique and play with materials help the artist to reveal new dimensions of her vision, taking it to a new level on both the conceptual and visual planes.


The key symbol in the ‘Artefacts’ series of artworks is an image of Buddha depicted on wooden panels using a basic woodcarving technique. Such primitive sculptures could have been created by unknown rural craftsmen either all those hundreds of years ago or today. Throughout the ages the Buddha has been integrating into art, absorbing the experience of generations after generations. Expressed in a simplified and easily understandable image, the Buddha is the embodiment of traditional values and an artefact of the Eastern culture.

Olga Lomaka says: ‘The symbol of the greatness of the East has to adapt to its followers’ new requirements, to be accessible and understandable to the new generation brought up with the Internet and social media. I use this correlation between the materials and some selected elements of the mass culture to show that harmony and balance are achievable anywhere. It is not a conflict of interests, traditions or religion, on the one hand, with the postmodernist society and consumerism, on the other. No; it is a compromise. My aim is to bridge generation gap and give each viewer a chance to think what really matters and what values they personally put first.’

The exhibition will run from 22 February to 4 March in 25Kadr Gallery at 2/1 Bersenevsky Lane, ‘Red October’ factory territory.

Olga Lomaka presented a limited edition collection of sweatshirts as part of the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2015

One of the most vibrant fashion nights took place in Kiev on 13 November. Hosted annually in the fashion capitals all over the world by the Vogue magazine, this shopping festival brings together top brands and the most ardent fashion enthusiasts.


This year Olga Lomaka presented the Mickey’s Evolution limited edition collection of sweatshirts in her branded pop-up corner styled as a fashionable art gallery. Accompanying Vogue Ukraine Editor-in-Chief Masha Tsukanova, a number of fashion industry persons including Zoya Litvin, Katya Silchenko, Alina Kosichkina, Nadya Shapovalova, Yana Buchko, Olga Navrotskaya, and Karolina Ashion were among the first to visit the OLGA LOMAKA brand space and take a selfie with the hero of the evening. Miss Ukraine 2015 Kristina Stoloka and Editor-in-Chief of the Nargis magazine Viktoria Kosova-Rakhimova attended the event dressed in the much-loved ‘Ceci n’est ne pas un Kusama’ sweatshirt, as well as TV presenter Anastasia Masyutkina, who favoured René Magritte’s clouds.

The Vogue Fashion’s Night Out guests took great pleasure admiring masterpieces of contemporary art including works by Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, René Magritte, and Piet Mondrian, and enjoying the conceptual environment of the brand space while sipping champagne. All night long the favourite childhood character greeted the brand space guests and entertained the youngest fashionistas by posing for photos and maintaining the festive atmosphere. The guests shared their impressions of the Mickey’s Evolution collection with FashionTV channel, which acted as the night media partner.

A limited edition collection of sweatshirts by Olga Lomaka will be presented on 13 November 2015 during the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

The Mickey’s Evolution collection is dedicated to masterpieces of international contemporary art and was inspired by the legendary ‘portrait’ of Mickey created by Andy Warhol. Mickey serves as a guide to the art world bringing it closer to the modern person and helping to rediscover works of outstanding artists and pioneers of their time. The concept is based around the silhouette of the popular cartoon character which is rendered by means of brightly coloured squares originally painted by abstractionist Piet Mondrian. Or peeps out from behind the endearing white flowers of Warhol’s similarly-named painting. Or stands out against the background of light fluffy clouds by surrealist René Magritte. Or is camouflaged in the polka dot minimalism of kitsch Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Aided by them, Mickey undergoes a personal evolution through the history of pop art and surrealism.


A quote from Rene Magritte which puts the finishing touch both gives a clue and causes confusion: ‘Ceci n’est pas un... — This is not ...?’ — ...what it seems to be? What is it then? The decision is yours.

We will be waiting for you in the corner OLGA LOMAKA on 13 November!

The group exhibition “LitArt”

The artist’s works and carefully selected poetical sketches open to us eternal themes of primitive consciousness and the process of understanding temptations in human’s soul. Poetic performances by famous persons of culture — Yulia Rutberg, Egor Konchalovsky, Michael Gorevoy, Alexander Demidov, Konstantin Tszyu, Ekaterina Volkova, Sati Kazanova — helped to uncover the problems of the theme. Contemporary visual art represented by selected painting “The Mind Parasites” and poetry of the XX century complementing each other in creating unique 3d space that affects on different levels of perception on the guests. Thus the connection of different times — the “Silver age” of literature and the era of post-modernism that presented Pop Art — with the main theme of the series “Knowing your Temptation” is realized of the concept of art poetical evening.

The exhibition will be open until 29 October.


The group exhibition “LitArt” opening was held at the unique old Russian styled palace of Camille Depre on September 29th. The exposition titled “Knowing your Temptation” consists of Olga Lomaka`s series of works “The Mind Parasites” and twin-brothers Tvorogov’s works. How it was planned by curators of the project — fine art and classical literature collide with each other to wake all range of hidden feelings inside a human and to transfer the audience to spiritual world of the great Russian poets like Brodskiy, Mayakovskiy, Ahmatova, Pasternak, etc.

Olga Lomaka presented a new project “Artefacts” at the Camberwell Degree Show.

Olga graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with BA in Painting this summer. A new project «Artefacts» by Olga Lomaka has been unveiled at the popular among contemporary art aesthetes Degree Show that annually attracts a huge audience.


Sculptures of the main Buddhist philosophy symbol which carry incredible energy and harmony have inspired Olga for new body of work. For thousands of years, the image of the Buddha became an artefact of culture and the eastern part of the art world, absorbing the experience of generations and human values. The temple complex of Borobudur in Java Island can be regarded as the apotheosis of the architectural expression for Buddha path to enlightenment, where the artist made the first sketches for future works.

The basis of the artwork is carved into wooden panels using an ancient woodcarving technique that took about a year to acquire. By adding provocative symbols of the new generation, information globalization and the “consumer society”, specially made in contrasting fashion shiny aluminium signs to the classic image of the Buddha, the author emphasizes the main idea of her works — connection between true spiritual values ​​and cultural symbols of post-modernism integrated into all spheres of life. Olga Lomaka raises important questions for the future evolution of humanity in her characteristic manner of ironic kitsch.

First works of the “Artefacts” series Olga Lomaka released at the Summer Degree Show in Camberwell College of Arts. The Board of Examiners and art critics have appreciated the project. In the autumn the presentation of entire series of works will take place in London, also the author plans to present the project in Paris, Moscow and Kiev.

”The Mind Parasites” Exhibition and Art Performance have conquered Kyiv

Recently there has been a personal exhibition of paintings by the British artist Olga Lomaka called The Mind Parasites. It has gathered the whole Kyiv cultured society in the М17 gallery.


Olga Lomaka’s creative idea is revealed in her every canvas due to the main characters involved — “viruses”, “programmes”, and “parasites”, which symbolize our hidden desires, fears, and other people’s opinions that wander in the mind-forest among our thoughts growing there like trees. The project intends to draw audience’s attention to the fact that it is necessary for our mind to get rid of all superfluous things and things preventing every person from moving ahead to reach their dream.

Distinguished celebrities, modern art lovers, and glossy media representatives walked the symbolic black carpet. Guests included Masha Tsukanova (Editor-in-chief of Vogue Ukraine), Katya Osadchaya (TV presenter), Dmitriy Slosser (Collector), Alyona Lavrenyuk, Vitaliy and Elena Reva, Aleksandra Oleynik (Fashion editor), Andrey Kravchuk, Valera Topal, Dmitriy Stupka, Yana Klochkova, Slava Solomka, to name but a few. When the main heroine Olga Lomaka appeared accompanied by charming Sophie Ellis-Bextor, it generated a buzz. The British singer is artist’s longtime friend and a fan of her works.

Having got inside the gallery, guests immediately found themselves in the symbolic forest where they could discard conventionalities and walk on real grass. According to artist’s design, paintings had been put on the walls in a chaotic manner, which created the environment of a creative intellectual forest with the effect of a clearing in the center of the room. Having heard an imaginary call from a young girl painted on a canvas, one can dare to go to the birch woods or get lost inside the dark dense forest and succumb to tricks played on them by their own mind and British actor Jude Law. You can get entangled in a whirlpool of a bush that looks like seaweeds if you try to escape from doubts tearing your mind apart, just like Anna Dello Russo did. Or you can confront your hidden desires on a symbolic boxing ring situated upon a pink fringe of the forest, like Hugh Hefner did.

Presentation of an image-building video dedicated to a clothing line launched under OLGA LOMAKA brand came as a special surprise. The debut collection of sweatshirts was presented to Kyiv audience as an art performance. The most vivid characters from the paintings came to life on models that treaded the catwalk going along the green lawn.

The shooting of the lookbook for Olga Lomaka’s debut collection occurred in the world-renowned city of Moscow. It featured sweatshirts with prints of “The Mind Parasites” project

The lookbook shooting for the new collection of sweatshirts containing the prints of Olga Lomaka’s paintings recently occurred. The main heroes of the shooting were vivid images of “The Mind Parasites.” The artist transferred the most daring, interesting, and popular figures to the fabric. Deep black, pure white, and defiant red colors supplemented each of the “parasites” focusing on its essence.

The concept of the lookbook is based upon monochromaticism which emphasizes the man himself, highlighting the main character of the painting. The artist’s main idea is that art can be more affordable and should not be confined to the walls of a museum or gallery. People act as carriers of artistic value, showing their opinions and emphasizing the authenticity of their choices.

The shooting occurred in K-Loft studios. In addition, the backstage of this event was covered by the World Fashion Channel. The representatives of the channel paid a special visit to the studio in order to speak with the artist, Olga Lomaka, and to discover the hottest details regarding her collection.

Artist and Art expert Olga Lomaka unveils a special episode of her popular ART&Fashion program, focused on the exhibition of one of the most iconic fashion designers of our time – the late Alexander McQueen

In a recent episode of “ART&Fashion with Olga Lomaka” Olga places the spotlight on the exhibition titled “Savage Beauty” by the talented rebel of the fashion world, the flamboyant designer Alexander McQueen, who created drama and fantasy with each runway show and design!

First held in 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the exhibition was a monumental success. While organizers have kept secret the future of the exhibition until now, pieces by the renowned British designer will finally return home to be presented to millions of fans and admirers at The Victoria and Albert Museum. A collection of never-before-seen apparel and accessories has been added to the exposition. At present, there are more than 100 garments, covering the entire creative portfolio of the couturier from his 1992 Master of Arts graduation collection to his unfinished Fall/Winter 2010 collection. McQueen’s courage, artistic ingenuity and extraordinary view on haute couture allowed him to create true masterpieces by fusing futuristic and Victorian Gothic themes with non-typical materials, making his designs truly spectacular. In her new show, Lomaka presents her own view of McQueen’s works and style, highlighting the designer’s theatrical costumes and unforgettable runway shows. She also uncovers interesting details about the exhibition in her interview with Clair Wilcox, curator of The Victoria and Albert Museum.

The latest episode of “ART&Fashion with Olga Lomaka” is devoted to the exhibition “Yves Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashioning the 70s,” currently taking place at The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology

The show brings together the works of two of the fashion world’s greatest designers – Yves Saint Laurent and Halston, both of whom defined the trends of the ultra sexy and glamorous 1970s disco movement.

For the first time, the designers’ creations are presented together in one exhibition that juxtaposes their work and analyzes how each dealt with similar themes and aesthetics. Both couturiers are equally represented with approximately 80 ensembles and 20 accessories, arranged thematically in an environment designed to evoke the style of this dynamic era in our fashion history. For Saint Laurent, it was a period of feminine Belle Epoque creations, with iconic looks influenced by menswear and bright ethnic motifs from African and Asian countries. In the same timeframe, Halston created elegant and minimalistic designs for the celebrity jetset, including Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Minnelli and Bianca Jagger. While their creative works never actually crossed, the show offers an opportunity to observe the era’s trends, which became the leading motivation in each designer’s collections. In the program, Lomaka also interviews curator Patricia Mears, who provides a unique insight and perspective on the legendary artists and their work during the disco era. Tune into the latest episode «ART&Fashion with Olga Lomaka»!

Opening of Olga Lomaka's The Mind Parasites exhibition had a great success in London

A gala night devoted to the opening ceremony of The Mind Parasites exhibition by fashion artist Olga Lomaka took place at Erarta Gallery on January 29. Connoisseurs of modern art and fans of the young, yet acknowledged by the cultural community British artist gathered in the town centre of Bohemian London — Mayfair.

The art series comprising twelve paintings is permeated with the same imaginative allegory, wherein the mind of a modern person is represented as wood with growing conceptions symbolized by trees and polluted by needless and obstructive stereotypes and angst — the parasites personified by the paintings characters. The creative works arranged within the art space of the gallery introduced a theatrical atmosphere to this exhibition. Each of the characters depicted by Olga Lomaka urged viewers’ self-talks unraveling latent fears and desires hid in their minds. Close friends and representatives of the London beau-monde joined this event to compliment the artist on the presentation of her new project The Mind Parasites. Well-known English art critic Edward Lucie-Smith, fashion blogger and model Prince Cassius, Judy Bentinck, Duchess of Portland, designer Katya Gamlin Pitchkhadze were among the visitors. Victoria Modesta, a pop-star of the British music scene, became a special guest. The singer of sensational single Prototype would not hide her positive impressions and was glad to step into shoes of one of the paintings personages dropping a delicate hint to the author about her willingness to become a «prototype» for a new coming masterpiece. Appearance of Anthony Fawcett renowned for his collaboration with Andy Warhol and John Lennon also stirred the audience. Being interested in Olga’s works, Mr. Fawcett commented on them distinguishing the artist’s creative works as a whiff of fresh air within the contemporary art. Among the guests were London collectors of modern art, businessmen, heads of design companies, heads of interior designer firms, pressmen, art and fashion bloggers, as well as representatives of London jeunesse doree. After London, the art project will pull anchor and set sail for the world tour. The exhibition will be also held in Moscow, Kiev, Paris, Zürich, Milan, Brugge, and New York.

Art expert and fashion artist Olga Lomaka once again delights viewers of her original show with new exciting topics. The fresh release of ART & Fashion with Olga Lomaka is focused on the Jeff Koons retrospective exhibition taking place at Centre Pompidou, Paris.

A retrospective exhibition of Jeff Koons, a brilliant American artist, whose works are already regarded as modern art classics, is taking place Centre Pompidou, Paris. The fantastic exhibition atmosphere creates inexpressible extravaganza of emotions leaving no visitor unaffected by his offbeat creative work.

Art expert Olga Lomaka had a first-hand conversation with Bernard Blistène, Director of the Museum of Modern Art supervising the exhibition and tried to unravel the recipe for success of the sculptural kitsch master. So far, Jeff Koons is the most renowned neo-pop artist. His outstanding works gathered under the roof of the Museum of Modern Art and occupying most of the rooms amaze with both scale and subjects represented at the exhibition. The fusion of exaggerated-size items and implementation simplicity makes one give a thought to the grandiosity of the author’s mind. One of them is Hanging Heart made of metal and half a ton in weight; the sculpture fascinates viewers with its lightness and reverence. Another is the pink Balloon Dog — the simplest and most touching reminder of happy childhood moments. The fascinating journey to the modern interpretation of Gargantua and Pantagruel made by Olga Lomaka in her coverage boggles the imagination by its magnitude and range of colors. See the new release of ART&Fashion with Olga Lomaka!

Artist Olga Lomaka Became an Award Winner at the Fashion New Year Awards 2015

On December 23rd, the Fashion TV channel award ceremony was held at the plush, Ritz-Carlton Moscow hotel. The cherished crystal in the Best Arts Show 2014 category was awarded to Olga Lomaka, a fashion and art expert, and to her show, Art and Fashion with Olga Lomaka.

Before the winter holidays, the Fashion TV channel traditionally finalized the outgoing year by awarding the best and outstanding representatives of the fashion industry for individual contribution to the development and popularization of fashion in Russia and abroad. Famous designers, senior editors of fashionable magazines, show business celebrities, representatives of the business elite, and icons of the fashion industry were among the prize winners. Artist Olga Lomaka received her Fashion New Year Awards 2015 prize for covering the most prominent events of contemporary art and exciting cultural activities around the globe. Her private judgment regarding topical issues of the art world, exclusive materials from outstanding and significant exhibitions, interviews with iconic figures in the world of art and fashion were recognized by the professional association and awarded with a crystal from the Fashion TV channel.

Artist Olga Lomaka participated in the III Art Exhibition entitled, “The World as Viewed by MGIMO Students,” held October 6 through October 14, 2014 in the Gallery of the New MGIMO Building

The exhibition included works in the field of painting, graphic arts, calligraphy, architecture, and art-installations by more than fifty creators, both from Russia and abroad, who graduated from MGIMO at different times. Olga Lomaka presented two works for the exhibition from the SOS.OK series - Enlightened Punk and the Orange Recycling Bag - which perfectly reflected the exhibition theme: sharing your outlook through creativity.

These works reflected the artist’s view of society and its problems, including a particular view of the ambient, as well as, a perception of life’s beauty. The exhibition concept demonstrated visual contemplation. The MGIMO buildings emphasized the role of art as the main language in which to share emotions, feelings, and the artist’s intention that requires no understanding or translation by any open-minded person.

The new release of ART & Fashion with Olga Lomaka is dedicated to the huge retrospective exhibition of the works by Hubert de Givenchy, a famous French designer, taking place in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, Spain

It sounds improbable, but it will be the first major exhibition for Hubert de Givenchy covering the entire period of his creative work. Givenchy personally selected the apparel for this exhibition, many of which had belonged to private collections. Visitors will be able to see the noted dresses of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s among the displayed apparel. Most works of the glorious couturier are inspired by the pictorial art of the 17th through 20th centuries.

To indicate the interrelation between paintings and designer’s works, pictures from the museum’s collection will also be displayed at the exhibition. The World Fashion TV channel jointly with the ART & Fashion with Olga Lomaka project will present an exclusive interview of Hubert de Givenchy. The famous couturier will discuss the exhibition; his creative development; share stories about creating the iconic dresses for movies and choreography shows; and discuss his cooperation with other legendary designers

On-trend artist and art expert Olga Lomaka has arranged an exciting journey to the world of art and luxury for her fans since she visited one of the most noted cultural events of the season

This time Olga goes to Madrid together with the audience of the World Fashion channel. As part of her original TV program, ART & Fashion with Olga Lomaka, the artist visits the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza National Art Gallery. This gallery was the largest private picture gallery in the world (along with the British Monarch Collection) up until 1993.

The art expert is going to visit the Pop Art Myths Exhibition which uncovers the gentle but strong message of ‘values’ hidden in the iconic images created by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, David Hockney, and others. The TV audience is welcomed to witness some rare masterpieces of Pop Art trendsetters and find out the history of artworks involved in the Pop Art Myths Exhibition. The exclusive interview by Olga Lomaka on the World Fashion channel with the exhibition leader, Marta Ruiz, will give you a deeper insight into this form of modern art.

Experience retrospective views of the absolute idol of Mexican culture, Frida Kahlo, in the latest issues of ART & Fashion with Olga Lomaka

Another exciting journey is to the capital of Italy, Rome where the exhibition of Frida Kahlo, the mysterious and passionate Mexican artist, takes place.

Together with Olga Lomaka, the WFC audience visited the Papal Stables Museum, Scuderie Del Quirinale, and witnessed 110 most noted works by Frida which were presented in the best museums and private collections of Europe, United States, and Mexico, regarding Frida’s contemporary surrealism artists. “The artist’s job is to be a witness to his time in history,” said Robert Rauschenberg. “This will be a real personal trip for me as a pop art and surrealism artist, and I hope you will validate the era of Pop Culture as I do. Ready? Let’s go then! Olga Lomaka is your guide to the world of art.”

The Annual Summer Exhibition 2014 at the Royal Academy of Arts

The Annual Summer Exhibition 2014 at the Royal Academy of Arts is a grand event of the art world. It is considered to be one of the oldest art exhibitions that began its Summer Exhibition program over two centuries ago. A unique feature of this event is that artists have an opportunity to participate and present their works of art, as well as, to contribute a symbolic payment. Applications are accepted in order to participate in the exhibition which consists of different types of art work including paintings, sculptures, architectural models, photos, and more recently, video arts.

After the Commission of the Royal Academy of Arts considers the work of all the candidates, the best candidates will be chosen to take part in the art show in which they will exhibit their art work near the exhibits of other most famous and influential artists. This year, the Academy has received about 12,000 applications for participation in the Summer Exhibition 2014. The exposition of 2014 will be held from June 9 to August 17. You can watch the program on the World Fashion Channel and see Fashion & Art with Olga Lomaka regarding this exhibition.

On May 27th, the annual ceremony of the “Aurora European Awards” was held

The annual ceremony of the “Aurora European Awards” was held on May 27th. Nominates were chosen by the most popular vote. For nominates, the cherished crystal statute award represented a proof of general recognition for their achievements in the field of beauty and art.

Olga Lomaka received the "Best Artist of the Year” award from the “Aurora European Awards.” In addition, an exposition of three paintings of the “SOS.OK” project was exhibited as a part of the ceremony.

The Forge Gallery of London presented the exhibition “CIRCULAR” on May 20, 2014.

Establishment, community, and individual; each feeds into the other to create a societal cycle; a functioning world based on the ongoing responses of one party to the other. Each perceives, produces, and in turn, is interpreted by the rest whereby the cycle will begin again. Everything is circular and as a branch of society, artists represent this cycle. They extract from reality and concentrate it, projecting new perspectives through an observational space which creates a chain of new interpretations. Confident in their exposures of opinion and seemingly comprehending of the surrounding world, they were able to elevate themselves and their work, building upon a background of artistic traditions in order to immerse the viewer with grand notions of value.

Featuring the works of six paintings from students in Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London), the exhibition showed a mixture of drawing, painting, and sculpture exploring the role that hierarchy plays in politics and society. The contrasting works looked at different aspects within this concept that governs our interaction with people and our individual lives. As a transitory exhibition, “CIRCULAR” attempted to question authoritative capacities through the permanence and intensity of experience. Therefore, all values were open for interpretation. When this exhibition ended, with life simply continuing onward; the participants resumed to their everyday routines. Only in their individual power — conscious or otherwise — will they have extracted from their momentary participation, and input into such routines in order to continue the cycle and progress into the rapid movements of society.

Olga Lomaka received an award from the "Top 25 Diamond Companies & Persons” as the “Best Artist of the Year.”

This award represented the Crystal Statuette and Diploma. This annual award was founded four years ago by the Kernel Group Agency. It is considered to be one of the most anticipated and prestigious events in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The "Top 25 Diamond  Companies & Persons" award counts as proof of general recognition in  the achievements of companies and individual professionals that work in various industries including fashion, art, culture, entertainment, press & media, PR, real estate,  design,  and  architecture.

Olga Lomaka attended the opening of the exhibition entitled, “The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 - 2014”

This private event was held on April 2nd at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, prior to a public exhibition devoted to the Italian designers’ success during the past seventy years. Among the guests invited were Valentino Gavani, Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana, Franca Sozzani, Elizabeth Hurley, Eva Herzigova, Tom Ford, Poppy Delevingne, Naomi Campbell, and many other British and international celebrities.

During the event, Olga Lomaka produced her own program, “Art & Fashion” for the “World Fashion Channel Europe.” Olga’s interview with Sonnet Stanfill, the curator of, “The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014,” is the centerpiece of the program. The exhibition displays numerous examples of Italian fashion craftsmanship from the end of World War II to the present. There are more than one hundred sets of clothes and accessories by leading Italian fashion houses including Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Missoni, Prada, Pucci, Valentino, Versace, and others.

On January 19th, a presentation of the “UNIT” group exhibition was held at the Dilston Grove Gallery in London.

“Parasites of Consciousness” (oil on canvas, 150×150 cm), a new work created by famous Russian artist, Olga Lomaka, was presented here. This work was used by the artist to announce her upcoming new exhibition with the same name “Parasites of Consciousness.” This exhibition will be held this spring in Moscow. It will then be displayed for all fans of high art in the best world galleries throughout Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, England, United States, France, Italy, and Turkey.

This series of paintings is about the unusual characters strolling through the forest. Each work looks like an element of a psychological thriller and affects the mind of the viewer, striking the most intimate sanctuary of the universe — people`s thoughts. Penetrating into the conscious and the unconscious parts of our mind, each work from this collection of new paintings is responsible for answering the eternal question of mankind — where our feelings of fear, loneliness, sadness, pride, joy, faith, and sentimentality come from. Olga Lomaka illustrates this via her own feelings and attitudes. Each of the senses is represented in a non-standard format for art with the help of psychology and spirituality, and of course, guided by her unique experiences.

The “M17” Contemporary Art Center hosted a reception to mark the opening personal exhibition of famous Russian artist, Olga Lomaka. It was here that she presented her “SOS.OK” art project.

Olga Lomaka was born in Moscow and currently resides and works in London. Olga completed painting courses at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Loyola University. Today, she is studying painting at Camberwell College of Art in London. The exhibition includes nineteen paintings and one installation. A large number of Kiev VIP guests, celebrities, and politicians attended this event including George and Anna Shevardnadze, Alena Bettyar, Asya Mkhitaryan, Eugenia Gubskaya, Svetlana Bevza, Jana Yugaj, Irina Turbaevskaya, Natalia Vetvitckaya, Katerina Osadcha, Ulyana Boyko, Julia Bogdan, Anastasia Slichnaya, Irina Chempion, and others.

Moscow friends and admirers of Olga Lomaka — among them, actress Oksana Fandera, designer Igor Chapurin, fashion expert Oleg Tarnopolskiy — came to support the artist. “The full acceptance of yourself, your body, your sexuality is a necessary condition for a harmonious and happy existence. For me, the female breast and nipple have become a symbol of this existence. The nipple for me is the epicenter of a woman’s sensuality and sexuality. Both are the mysterious parts of our body; they give us life and enjoyment, they awake our desire,” Olga says about her work.

Olga Lomaka attended a private party at one of the islands most exclusive clubs — the Fisher Island Club

Fisher Island Club is one of the world’s most exclusive private island communities located off the tip of Miami Beach. It is currently celebrating the completion of a six-year, $60-million renovation to the historic Vanderbilt Mansion, as well as, the addition of club amenities with a splendid, vintage-themed gala event.

With the support of the famed French jeweler, Maison,Van Cleef & Arpels, as the title sponsor, the party paid homage to the island’s storied past, which began when Indianapolis Speedway founder, Carl Fisher, traded the island for a yacht owned by railroad tycoon, William K. Vanderbilt, featuring a striking array of 1930s and 1940s-era opulence. The event transported Fisher Island Club Equity Members to the Vanderbilt’s glory days, when the family lavishly entertained luminaries. Guests were dazzled by vintage glamour and elegance, including a vintage car showcase featuring restored, collectible vehicles from the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s; models bejeweled by Van Cleef & Arpels; a synchronized swimming show; and more.

Olga Lomaka presented one of her paintings for a charity auction event during the Russian Diamond Ball in Monaco.

On August 25, 2013, artist, Olga Lomaka, presented one of her paintings for a charity auction event during the Russian Diamond Ball. This charity event was held in the luxurious Le Sporting Salle Des Etoles in Monaco. A large number of celebrities and philanthropists attended this event including IrinaTchaikovskaya, Bozena Rynska, Milana Koroleva, Victoria Shamis, and others. All guests gathered not only to celebrate the end of high-society season but to take part in the charity auction.

All money raised went to support the Children Charity Fund established by Oxana Fedorova. Artist, Olga Lomaka, presented her painting, “Boy’s Toy,” at this charity auction. Guests danced all night to Haddaway hits. The highlight of the evening was when famous illusionist, Danny Larry, emptied the jacket pockets of famous football player, Dmitriy Sennikov. After the event, all the guests visited Jimmy’s club.

Love Ball 2013 (Monaco)

That evening, after a cocktail reception in the famous hotel, Hôtel de Paris, invited guests visited the Salle Garnier of the Opera de Monte-Carlo, where the main auction was held. A total of sixteen auction lots were presented. They created an elegant and imaginary story of a couple in love; traveling around Monaco. This year, the organizers of this event were inspired by Monaco itself, its tradition of philanthropy, and its strong cultural ties with Russia.

The most memorable charity lots were — a week internship with fashion guru, Karl Lagerfeld, at the legendary fashion house, Chanel; a private tennis lesson with Rafael Nadal; private tea with Prince Albert; and many other unusual items. Among the guests of the Love Ball Riviera 2013 were Olga Lomaka, Mario Testino, Polly Morgan, Irina Jovovich, Derek Blasberg, Novak Djokovic, Bono, Antoine Arnault, Lana Prince, Ulyana Sergeenko, Karl Lagerfeld, Margherita Missoni, Harvey Weinstein, Milana Koroleva, and many others. Moreover, famous artist, Olga Lomaka, who currently lives and works in London, not only attended the event, but also had preliminary talks on the possibility of presenting one of her works for the future auction event, the 5th anniversary event of Love Ball 2014. Olga is a professional artist. She is a graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art, as well as, Loyola University. Currently, she is studying painting at Camberwell College of Art in London. Her works were exhibited in London, Paris, Moscow, and Chicago. They are the part of collections found in the 25 Kadrr Gallery; Loyola University Collection; as well as, private collections in Russia and abroad. According to Olga, “I really like Natalia’ s work, her professional approach, her dedication, her caring for those who are in need of help and attention during difficult times — all of it is worthy of respect! It is definitely this atmosphere that has pushed me to the point where I would paint a picture that I hope would be included in one of the lots in a charity auction next year. I feel that this work would come alive with all my love and energy inspired by Natalia. I am sure it will bring good luck to the person who will own it. This will be my small contribution to help those in need.”

Fashion Artist of the Year — Olga Lomaka

On June 27th, the annual Fashion Summer Awards 2013, one of the most anticipated events of the summer, was held at the luxurious Royal Bar summer terrace, according to the television channel, Fashion TV.

The best winners were: Trendsetter of Fashion World — Igor Chapurin / Fashion Model of the Year — Irina Jovovich / Best Men’s Collection — Dmitry Loginov / Fashion Artist of the Year — Olga Lomaka / Best Women’s Collection — Oleg Ovsiev / VIVA VOX collection autumn-winter 2013/2014 Miss Fashion TV — Lana Princ / Fashion Song of the Year — 40 degrees by Svetlana Loboda / Best Brand of Lingerie and Swimwear — INCANTO Fashion Project of the Year — Supermodel contest, Renaissance modeling agency Fashion Hotel of the Year — Rixos Premium Belek / Best Collection of Jewelry — Eugene Linovich and Oksana / On Innovation in the field of Beauty — Glent beauty salon / Best PR Agency — Ekaterina Odintsova / PR Trend Fashion Businessman of the Year — Mikhail Kuchment (Hoff) / For the Stability of the Fashion World — Anna Direchina / Discovery of the Year — and Maria Golubeva / Designer of the Year.

Project SOS.OK

The exhibition of Olga Lomaka opened in the Moscow Zeppelin Gallery at the Novinsky Passage. The artist presented her SOS.OK project which included seventeen paintings and one installation. Many celebrities came to the event to congratulate Olga Lomaka on her debut.

Everyone was invited to see her creative works until June 30. Guests included Inna Malikova, Dasha Gauzer, Alexander Yudin, Dmitri Olenin, Armen Yeritsyan, Inna Ginkevich, Slava Nikitin, Oleg Tarnopolsky, Masha Tsigal, Milana Koroleva, Gabriella, Olga Rodionova-Lepinskih, Ida Lolo, Alexei Kiselyov, and many others. Olga Lomaka explained the exposition: “I think SOS.OK is an epicenter of a woman’s sensual art erotica. My paintings were created during my deep self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and development of self-love. The full acceptance of yourself, your body, and your sexuality are a necessary condition for a harmonious and happy existence.” The female breast became the symbol of the exhibition. The event was held in a warm and informal atmosphere. All guests enjoyed the paintings, as well as, a DJ set from Natalie Turovnikova. After the opening ceremony, guests visited the Kisa bar. The exhibition will be presented in the Zeppelin Gallery until June 30.