Gallery / MOSCREAM


Sculpture titled “MOSCREAM” was created in the form of the most popular ice cream in Russia. In my work, I combined images of a dome that represent a symbol of traditional Russian architecture with an iconic ice cream cone. This visual connection between the shape of St. Basil Cathedral’s dome, the most recognizable building in Moscow, and the main summer delicacy through the prism of pop-art style encompasses the true values of the Russian society, the spiritual culture that needs to be preserved and protected, despite the trends of the consumption era. I was trying to emphasize that even in the most everyday and ordinary objects everyone sees first of all, what they want to see.

The sculpture was commissioned by the Museum of Moscow especially for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia to show the city’s spirit and it was exhibited in the museum’s courtyard during the World Cup.

I created my sculpture to become the embodiment of a dream, crossing the verge of reality into the surreal world of MOSDREAM, which represented this international sporting event to all the residents and the guests of the city. The “MOSCREAM” sculpture was a kind of a ‘business card’, which unites all the most interesting and ‘tasty’ things that Russian capital has to offer and to be proud of.