Olga Lomaka is exhibiting worldwide with regular participation in global art-fairs and biennales. Her series titled ‘Pink Magic’ was included in Grayson Perry-curated Royal Academy Summer Exhibition featuring in The Sunday Times and The Guardian.

Her print editions are released by Jealous London and Lomaka can be spotted showcasing her work annually in Basel Miami, Venice Biennale and The Royal Academy. The artist won the Best Contemporary Artist of the Year in 2017 award presented by Phillips Auction House in London and is the winner of numerous art competitions and internationally recognised awards.

Olga’s remarkable personal style is instantly recognisable, enticing the viewer in with the concrete and the abstract, the familiar and the unknown. Viewed through the prism of pop-art, the artist’s primary features are to play with recognisable images and products of consumerism, pooling together contrasting beliefs, which give a second meaning to their symbolism.

The artist is constantly experimenting with new techniques, carving and aerography, mixing traditional materials and modern media. Her interests are not limited to painting alone and include installations, relief sculpture and free-standing sculpture.

Lomaka’s eye for the unordinary in everyday life allows her to truly reveal spiritual and social themes and concerns. Threads of what we consider reality, along with hidden dimensions of consciousness and possibility, weave their way through.

Lomaka’s works can be found in Erarta Museum (St. Petersburg), Pierre Cardin Foundation (Lacoste), Contemporary Art Center “M17” (Kiev), Fine Art Foundation (London), Loyola University Foundation (Chicago), 25 Kadr Gallery Foundation (Moscow) as well as in private collections.

My work is available at Rise Art

Olga Lomaka

Olga Lomaka, Artist