Olga Lomaka is a British multi-disciplinary artist, gallerist, and founder of ’Lomaka Gallery’ known for her captivating artistic works and unwavering dedication to the preservation and advancement of the arts. Encouraging innovation, Lomaka’s signature style and multidimensional approach reflect a blend of traditional techniques with modern methods that span beyond painting, encompassing installations, relief sculptures, and free-standing sculptures. Here, the artist invites viewers into a world of pop-art, recognizable imagery, and consumerist symbols that intertwine with contrasting beliefs. With a strong presence in esteemed art fairs and biennales globally, Lomaka’s artworks have left an indelible impression on viewers, leading to significant recognition and features. Notably, her ’Pink Magic’ series, showcased at the distinguished Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, curated by Sir Grayson Perry, continues to garner praise from renowned publications such as The Sunday Times and The Guardian. Furthermore, print editions of her art, issued by Jealous Gallery & Print Studio in London, feature annually at Art Basel Miami, the Venice Biennale, and The Royal Academy of Arts, offering firsthand encounters with her resonating creations. Her accomplishments include prestigious honors, such as the esteemed ’Best Contemporary Artist of the Year’ award bestowed by Phillips Auction House in London. Lomaka’s masterful works have graced prestigious institutions and collections worldwide, including the Pierre Cardin Foundation in Lacoste, the Fine Art Foundation in London, the Loyola University Foundation in Chicago, the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA Museum) in South Korea, and more, as well, within private collections. Through her artistic vision and unwavering dedication, Olga Lomaka continues to enrich the art world, leaving an enduring legacy that transcends geographical boundaries while captivating the hearts and minds of art enthusiasts worldwide.

“My art delves into the ever-shifting landscapes of the human condition and experience. With each piece I craft, and the messages expressed within, I thread elements from popular culture with notes of satire and whimsy to explore the kaleidoscopic diversity that is life’s many themes. From introspection and alienation to consumerism and societal norms, my love and adoration for the arts and its extraordinary ability to illuminate the world around us fuels my pursuits in instilling meaning and intention into my designs—not simply to garner attention, but to invite contemplation, catalyze conversations, and forge lasting and impactful connections that unite us all.”
Olga Lomaka

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Olga Lomaka

Olga Lomaka, Artist