2019 Pink Magic, Exhibitionist Hotel, London

2019 — Red Dot Miami Art Fair, Espinasse31 Gallery, Miami

2019 — Inaugural Exhibition, Espinasse31 Gallery, Miami

2019 Personal Structures, La Biennale di Venezia, Giardini di Marinaressa, Venice

2019 Freedom 2:0, Espionasse31 Gallery, Milan

2018 — Espionasse31 Group Exhibition 2018, Espionasse31 Gallery, Monte Carlo

2018 Summer Exhibition 2018, Royal Academy of Arts, London

2018 — Pink Magic, Hellenic Centre, London

2018 — Pink Magic, VS unio Art Gallery, Moscow

About artwork
Pink magic

Olga Lomaka’s Pink Magic is a series of thirteen installation and relief sculptures which explore a multi-layered interface of meaning through a rich panoply of sources; from the artistic, to mass media, to the unexplained and less obvious. She maintains her unique trademark talent for combining the instantly recognisable and familiar in explorations of the unknown through the symbolic and the magical.

At the heart of this compelling series is the interplay between the masculine and feminine — as both universal and individual energies which organise, determine and create our existence. The familiar is met in the form of the humorous male Pink Panther, a vehicle of association which crosses numerous media and contexts. A sense of mystery, of the magical, of something hidden within another form, is implied by this reference, obvious only upon close inspection. Herein Lomaka builds on her sources of inspiration and transforms them in order to provoke and move the viewer to different perceptions of what we see and what is implied by that which we see. She conveys her ability to combine both the readable aspects of mass media culture, in homage to Jeff Koons’ 1988 Pink Panther, with the analogous and abstract.

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