About artwork
Through Time and Space

Olga Lomaka latest work titled ‘Through Time and Space’ is a series of chrome sculptures in her trademark exploration of pop, esoteric and the magical.

Join her on a voyage Through Time and Space alongside sculptures reminiscent of Judgment Day, where a melting chrome panther is sent back in time to change the future. Like The Terminator he is the messenger from the future that came to remind us about importance of the present moment.

The artist suggests that: ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it. All creation begins with a thought.’

The Chrome Panther is a mirror within the ever-shifting drama that plays out on its surface and you realize your own reflection, it’s in pink and gleaming like some luxurious futuristic idol.

Despite the guise of humour, playfulness and vibrancy, this new series is of a deep spiritual, philosophical and psychological nature. Through Time and Space is an exploration of the universe, the consciousness which is embedded in it, and the multidimensional realities of what is possible. The cartoon-like playful sculptures should evoke positive emotions ‘just like the ones we felt in childhood: when trees were big and the rainbow shined at every moment.’