2019What We Eat and Wear 2019, CICA Museum, Seoul

About artwork
Holy Bible Bag

The composition depicts the contemporary interplay between fashion and religious thought. The artist parallelizes between the Holy Bible, the main Symbol of Faith of the western world over the past centuries, and the epitome of the icon of our times — a Chanel bag. The ascetic background entourage only emphasizes the author’s conception, which raises a viewer’s association of being in a simple monastic cell with the only item on the wall that is important for its dweller. The item wholly comprising her raison d’etre and giving answers to nearly any questions. Centuries have passed, the tables have turned; yet a man is still in need of faith, God, and their symbols — the holy place is never empty. And here it is — the icon of the modern age meeting the requirements and matching the lifestyle of a contemporary woman. It perfectly replaces the outworn canons in the same void space explicitly suggesting to the audience that it is all they ever need!